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Welcome back

 Thank you very much for visiting our site!
Here you will be provided with materials and information to get acquainted with our professinal activity!
We are working on professional equipmentwhich has proved itself firmly in the world and kinoiskustve when shooting high quality videos!
We are always happy to give you a beautiful memorable movie that you want to watch more than once. We always take into account your wishes in making the film, you can choose the order package sootvetstyuyuschego your needs and budget.
We will create for you is not just a video, and a full feature film with a staged work, music, creative approach to the process of video and videomontazha.V depending on the package we will order professional color correction and post your movie. Guarantee the beauty of scenes and music. In the film, as far as possible to be implemented all individual wishes and "imagination" of the client.

Wedding video shot by our studio combines reportage, staged a romantic-comedy and shoot.
              Of a material that filmed our videographer, we mount a full-fledged movie that has everything you need - and titles, and music, and special effects .. Video editing will preserve and skillfully emphasize the most interesting moments of the wedding.
              At your request, you arrange boxing and drive!             
In our studio, you will find not only professionals but also videographers and photographers of professionals! All aspects of your celebration will not pass by Lenses our photographers. All photos will be high-quality color correction and preparation for printing!
             Also                 according to your wishes will be conducting post processing photos will be designed photo album or photo book.              
             You always will be satisfied with polite behavior and attitude of our videographers and photographers to you and your guests             .
            We hope you make the right choice -to our side. For us know what you think. God give you health and happiness!

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